Despite getting a late start in January – kind of an “ohwaitshitit’salready2018what” moment – I’ve still managed to get some solid reading in between this blog and my forays over at OnlineBookClub. Here, have a wrap-up. That’s what the cool kids are doing, right?

If anything strikes your fancy, click the cover to see the full review. <3

The Hermit of Blue Ridge

Gorgeous, vivid romance perfect for snugglin’ weather.

Twisted Threads

A steamy murder mystery that left a bit to be desired.


Wonderfully full-bodied sci-fi that asks a lot of hard questions.

And Then I Met Margaret

Good as a self-help book, not so much as a memoir, but I liked it.

Raven's Peak

Absolutely delicious paranormal horror.

Admit to Mayhem

Awesome until the ending. :c

Requiem for Riley

A heaping helping of odd.

Jacob's Orb

Lush setting! Character development! Emotional impact! 😀


Lovely YA fantasy even if the protagonist left a little to be desired.

A Good Boy

Very satisfying in its Hallmark-y wholesomeness.

Rescuing the Prince

In which the princess does her own thing. Super fun!


Cinematic, well-crafted YA fantast. Dee-freaking-licious.