Twin sisters, Madison and Morgan have been through a lot in their life, but nothing prepares them for the night they run away from home. The night they come up against something they never believed existed – werewolves.

Madison is killed by the werewolves but before Morgan meets the same fate she is saved by a fantastic female warrior who takes her to Valanork, a mystical world, where she grows up and trains to be a Valkyrie warrior. The powerful women of Valanork, teach her everything they know and she excels.

Ten years after her first encounter with the werewolves, Morgan learns that the werewolves’ alpha, Serban Balin, is planning on attacking her new family and laying waste to Valanork. They must unite to take out this threat but Morgan is torn between her duties as a warrior and Jason, the man she has fallen in love with.

Will Morgan choose love over war? Will the werewolves take over Valanork? If Morgan chooses war will she succeed or join her sister on the other side?

Phew. This was rough. All of the action was told, not shown – even things that the main character couldn’t have known are just blatantly handed to the reader instead of letting us figure things out through Morgan’s eyes. It was impossible to connect with the characters, and the plot fell flat.

The Werewolf Saga is a neat concept – it just needs some more work. For now, though, skip it.

The Nitty Gritty

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Length: 104 pages

Published: June 15, 2017

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