Try to imagine this. Try to imagine that you’re the last of a dying, powerful breed. Try to imagine that you can’t live alone. You have to marry a modern-day king, or you’ll die.

That’s me – the Last Queen. As my life falls apart, I’m forced into a world of dark magic, death, power, and arrogant kings who will do anything to acquire me.

In this violent game, I will need to align myself to live. But, instead, I will choose to fight….

The Last Queen is the lovechild of two things: urban fantasy… and chess. A strange mixture, but it works surprisingly well. I had a couple of small quibbles with it – the main character’s internal monologue can be a little repetitive, for instance – but I really enjoyed the fresh concept and the action-packed ride.

I wish the book had built to a more satisfying resolution, but considering this is the first novella in a serial fantasy (is that what we’re calling these episodic stories?), it’s understandable. The second and third installments are already out, so you won’t have to wait long for more.

Odette C Bell is nothing if not prolific – by my count she has sixteen series openers available for free at the time of this posting. If you liked The Last Queen, check the rest out as well.

The Nitty Gritty

This book is free on Amazon as of September 20, 2017.

Length: 142 pages

Published: June 18, 2017

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