Today’s book is The First Round Table, by Ben Gillman.

Book Info

Length: 309 pages

Publisher: Self-published

Released: March 6, 2017

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At just 18 years old, Arthur is on the verge of being crushed under the weight of his great destiny. The mighty castle at Tintagel has fallen. King Uther Pendragon lies dead. The mad King Vortigern sits upon the throne with a dragon at his command. And Merlin, having turned traitor, stands at the new king’s side. Now Arthur, with the help of the mysterious sword in the stone and his loyal mentors, Gawain and Percival, embarks on a daring mission to retake the crown. However, his greatest challenges lie not in overcoming his enemies, but in finding a way to reunite with two lost friends: a wounded knight called Lancelot and an assassin named Guinevere.

Experience the classic tales of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table like never before with this thrilling re-imaginings of ancient legend. Packed with swordplay, magic, romance and humor, “The Legends of King Arthur” promise to take readers of all ages on an unforgettable journey of fantasy and adventure!

Real Quick

Swordfights, deception, dragons, humor, and an awesome cover to boot – what a treat!


This. Was. Fabulous.

Ben Gillman’s screenwriting chops are very apparent in this modernized (but still faithful) twist on Arthurian myth. Between the fast-paced prose and a web of intrigue that would give Game of Thrones a run for its money, it was all I could do to not inhale this book in one sitting. It hits that YA sweet spot that makes it a great read for just about anyone – not too heavy and dark for kids, but not too fluffy and predictable for adults.

Honestly, though, this is all just my justification for being really excited about Guinevere recast as a badass strong female character. And I don’t mean the typical Strong Female Characterâ„¢ that you tend to find in YA – you know, the kind whose sole character traits are ‘strong’ and ‘female’. No, no – Guinevere is a breath of fresh air, bearing up under horrible circumstances to become the kind of woman who’ll take care of business (and how!) while still retaining an actual personality. I was smitten.

The First Round Table gets and emphatic and resounding Yes! from me – and be sure to check out the rest of the series as well.