Today’s book is Origin by Dave Higgins and Simon Cantan.

Some people are born to advantage, privilege. Edmond was born to village idiots who put all his skill points into Luck. They knew an opportunity to win the lottery when they saw it.

Edmond doesn’t want to be a winning ticket. He dreams of becoming a great hero and scholar. Impossible goals when your Intelligence and Wisdom stats couldn’t be lower.

Is Edmond nothing but a walking rabbit’s foot? Will his parents’ dreams of easy fortune come true? It’s all just a lucky roll away.

Real Quick

Oh my goodness, this was a treat! Short and sweet and full of humor – I highly recommend it.


My only complaint is that it’s too short. This story is like a game of Dungeons and Dragons told from the inside – parents set their children’s skill points at birth, leading to hapless individuals like Edmond’s mother, whose father poured all her points into Charisma and completely neglected Intelligence in the process.

The second book in this series, Adventure, is a much heftier story at nearly 200 pages. I may just have to get my hands on it sooner rather than later. 😉