Things are going great for Colin. He’s the star of his high school baseball team, he has a killer motorcycle, and his mom’s career as an artist is finally taking off. Then, a chance encounter with a leprechaun reveals that nothing in his world is as it seems…

Soon, Colin and his friend Jesse are tasked with taking out the evil creature who cast a spell over their town, the ancient Irish vampire known as the Avartagh. Now, they’re being hunted by the unseelie fae, “fairies” who are are deadlier, real-life versions of their fairy tale counterparts.

Thus they must attempt the impossible, and save their town from the evil fae who’ve taken it over. And if Colin and Jesse don’t stop the fae, the Avartagh will destroy everyone and everything they love… and he’ll kill them in the process.

This was a fun little romp stuffed full of Irish myths. The characters are in high school and the book is described as YA, but it felt more middle-grade to me – I would’ve pegged Colin and Jesse at around 12 years old if I hadn’t known better.

But I like middle-grade, and the actual vs. perceived age thing didn’t really affect the story, so no great loss there. Of course, if you’re not into the genre, your mileage may vary. Druid Blood is a prequel for the more adult Junkyard Druid series – if you like the look but not the age group of this novella, maybe try the main series instead.

The Nitty Gritty

This book is free on Amazon as of September 16, 2017.

Length: 114 pages

Published: December 9, 2013 by Modern Digital Publishing

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