Today’s book is Closet Full of Bones, by AJ Aalto.

Book Info

Length: 152 pages

Publisher: Pixiegrind Ink

Released: May 30, 2017

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Ever since they were children, Gillian Hearth has been her sister Frankie’s guardian, her sounding board, and her best friend. Together, the Hearth sisters quietly bury their secrets and form a formidable team during any crisis. Purchasing the old Blymhill house with the hopes of turning it into an artists’ retreat, the sisters are finally living their dream. But when Frankie’s stable ground is rattled by a vengeful ex-boyfriend, an unstable friend from the past shows up unannounced with delusions of intimacy, and a cold case cop starts sniffing around their door, the sisters are forced to wonder how far they will go to keep their secrets safe.
Gillian discovers that, this time, her fight is about to land her in the crosshairs of a dangerous predator who will use any means necessary to remove her from the equation. With everything she holds dear under threat, Gillian battles to keep her head above water and her skeletons in the closet.

Real Quick

A wonderful dark thriller that left me deliciously shivery at 3AM.


What started out as a quick flip through the first chapter before bed turned into a headlong rush to the last page, sleep cycle be damned. Oh sweet hell, this book got me good.

Closet Full of Bones is a perfect mix of psychological thriller and murder mystery, and the writing is absolutely luxurious – every character was well-crafted, every reveal laced with tension. Seriously, my dog sneezed midway through the climax and I just about died. There’s enough humor and sweetness to keep the book from going full horror, balanced with enough gritty realism to remind you that this is not a cozy mystery either.

In the end, it’s a story about a handful of deeply flawed yet intensely relatable people, and the power of grief and fear to make them come unhinged. I adored every second. Highly recommended!