Affordable Critique and Editing

Let me help you give your manuscript that final polish.

I strive to provide an affordable editing service that doesn’t waste your time or money. In addition to my keen eye for spelling and grammar, I have the experience that comes with having read thousands of books in every genre imaginable. I’ve seen the cliches, I’ve studied the pitfalls, and I know what drives readers crazy – and more importantly, I can help you fix those issues.

I’m happy to offer the following services:

Manuscript Critique

For $75, I will read your book from cover to cover and provide you with a thorough, private review of the strengths and weaknesses of your story, including plot, characterization, pacing, and style. I’ll provide advice and suggestions for making your story stronger, and I’ll also be available to answer your questions or clarify my points via email.

Line Editing

Using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes, I’ll give your complete manuscript a careful edit, offering suggestions to fix phrasing and word choice issues, points of confusion for the reader, unclear sentences, and other problems at the sentence and paragraph level. We’ll work through the story together, one chunk at a time, and we’ll be able to discuss the changes and address your questions as we go.

Depending on the level of work required, I charge between $1 and $3 per single-spaced page (about 500 words).


For $1 per single-spaced page, I’ll take a fine-toothed comb to your manuscript, making sure that no formatting errors, extraneous commas, or accidental typos are lurking on the pages. This is meant to give you work a final touch-up, and will only focus on grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.


“You caught problems in my book that SIX other editors did not. Six. I think we’re a great team. You catch so many things I don’t. I’ve been searching for an editor/story consultant like you for a while. Thanks for caring about the book way more than my publisher ever did.”

– Nathan Smith Jones, author of YA fantasy Dragonkyn

“Ashley was a gem to work with. She was professional, efficient, and thorough. She has a remarkable sense for the aesthetic of writing while maintaining a firm focus on the foundations of writing, such as grammar and plot structure. She was extremely helpful and worked hard to communicate her thoughts, while helping me to expand and explore my own. I recommend her with the highest regard to any writer who is seeking top quality professional editing.”

– Nickolas Urpí, author of fantasy novel The Legend of Borach